Get a BEE Verification

Does your Tender or Contract insist that you provide them with a BEE Certificate? We provide SAIPA and SAIBA BEE Verifications  within 24 hours. Submit your BEE Verification to them and you are ready to go! The BEE Verification is issued by TWO Members of TWO Regulating Bodies – SAIPA as well as SAIBA. You can be located anywhere in South Africa – this is an easy online service.

Hundreds of PTY Companies, Close Corporations (CC) and Sole Proprietors across South Africa apply for a professional SAIPA and SAIBA BEE Verification from us each month. If your turnover is below R 10 million, the process is fast and easy, and you will get an excellent BEE score / level. Act now and get your BEE Verification within 24 hours! Your BEE Verification will have a SAIPA as well as a SAIBA Membership Number on it – ready for Tenders and Contracts.

If your annual turnover is below R 10 million you qualify as an Exempt Micro Enterprise: You will therefor either get a Level 1, 2 or level 4 rating – guaranteed ! (100% black owned businesses get Level 1 – the best BEE level – guaranteed. White owned businesses get a level 4 – guaranteed. Between 51% and 99% Black Owned will get a level 2). Levels 1, 2 and 4 fall in the top 50% of all BEE levels and are excellent BEE scores and excellent levels! (Level 1 is the BEST BEE level, and Level 4 is a great level!)

It is easy to get your own BEE Verification with an Excellent BEE Score within 24 hours, all we need is:

  1. Certified ID copies of all the Directors / Members and Shareholders.
  2. Your PTY Company’s Registration Document (14.3) or CC (Close Corporation) Registration Document (CK1 or CK2). (if you have lost this document we can still assist). If you are a Sole Proprietor only your ID document is required.
  3. A signed Affidavit by the Director / Owner of the PTY Company / CC stating that your annual turnover is below R 10 million and the % black shareholding (if any). (We will assist you with a template)

We can assist any business (Black Owned, Indian Owned, Mixed Race Owned, White Owned, etc)

How much does a BEE Verification cost?

For all Companies / CCs / Sole Proprietors with an annual turnover (or income) below R 10 million (anything under R 10 million): Our cost is only R650 for a professional BEE Verification. Most businesses fall in this category and can have their BEE Verification in 24 hours.

How do I start?

Just complete and submit our online form below, and we will contact you with more details, including a list of the documents that we require from you. Our process is easy and fast.

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