Annual Returns – CIPC

Do you need to file annual returns for your CC or Company with the CIPC? Our easy online process enables us to submit annual returns for CC’s and companies all over South Africa. Want to get started? Just complete and submit the form to your right.

Just Complete and Submit the Easy Online Form to your right to start

Why is it necessary to pay an annual return fee?

The CIPC requests that ALL PTY’s and CC’s in South Africa pay annual return fees every 12 (twelve) months. Furthermore, the payment of annual return fees is an indication to the CIPC that your Company is still actively trading and will they therefore upkeep the information and contact details of your PTY/ CC on their database.

What are the costs involved for submitting my annual return(s) correctly?

A PTY’s or CC’s total invoice for annual returns will compose two fees:

1. Annual return administration fee: Consists of the normal outstanding CIPC fees PLUS penalties (if applicable) and / or if this payment is due and late.
2. Submission Fee: A once-off payment that is required for the correct submission of your annual return(s) with the CIPC.

The three step process to file your annual returns successfully

Apply: After your application has been submitted we will send you an invoice of R280. This amount is purely our submission fee to file your annual returns for 1 (one) year.

Filing: Your Company’s annual returns will be filed by us using the information that you have provided. Your Company’s annual return administration fee will then be confirmed by the CIPC, and we will add this amount to your invoice. The total amount on the invoice will consist of the following factors:
– Years: Both cost items (annual return administration fee and the submission fee) will be influenced by the number of years that your annual returns are due.
– Turn-over: When a Company’s turn-over exceeds R1 million for the past financial year, it will result in an increase of fees payable to the CIPC.
– Penalties: Any late annual return filings will be penalised by the CICP.
– Deregistration: A Company that is currently undergoing deregistration at the CICP will influence the invoice amount.

Delivery: Within 2 workings days after we have processed your annual return submission we will receive your annual return certificate from the CIPC. Immediately after we receive the certificate we will electronically notify you that your certificate is available on your user account.

Just Complete and Submit the Easy Online Form to your right to start